Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Schering-Plough tries to buy back Zetia business with "Zetia 49 Plan"

If true, recent rumblings from Schering-Plough indicate that the company is trying to buy back lost Zetia business--using hard, cold cash!

How's this for insider comment:

"Wondered what everyone thinks about this Zetia 49 plan??

I hate having extra $$ that I have to spend on Drs that I can barely see.
I have a hard time spending all my lunch/dinner $$ now.

Can't get docs out to dinner anyway - especially the ones they've targeted for me."

"This instruction that we are to have a lunch or dinner EVERY DAY - come on!! Like all the Drs offices aren't booked already for the year - or have stopped doing lunches/dinners altogether!

Hey Marketing Genuises - this isn't 1990 anymore, ya know??

Throwing money at a problem is not the way to fix things - it will only make matters worse. Have the company come clean about the study, give us some good (or even not so good) evidenced based medicine - and let us earn back the business the right way."

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daria said...

Why would anyone give validity to the comments made on cafepharma at this point (or ever)? The presumed SP bloggers (whose livelihood depends selling Vytorin) know they are being monitored by all (including Congress). Why would they speak with such complete disregard to the future of their income stream? Those SP reps may have bitten the hand that fed them before, but they won't do it while the world is watching. Not if money is involved. And I would note, anyone can post on that site, as a presumed rep....including you.