Monday, March 17, 2008

AstraZeneca forbids employees to post on CafePharma.

Here a few comments by AstraZeneca employees. Sorry about language, not up to QA standards:

"I have been a long time fan of the CP and have fashioned my fair share of lively ripostes and clever rejoinders over the years. Might I dare say that I have crafted a handful of verbal retorts that have elicited a few smiles and guffaws over time. I have been silent ever since the new policies were announced that expressly forbid posting about AZ, AZ people or AZ issues. The way I read it, I was done from posting except for the occasional naughty poem and they take too long to write and quite frankly, can be exhausting.

So I have read the policy and it is clear - I can't write a fucking thing about AZ. Fuck, fuck, holy shit fuck that blows. I will return when the policy is revised. Until then you will have to be satisfied with the lame ass shit that has appeared lately. I am not the only that read that policy."

"You can post on here all you want w/o fear. NEVER and I mean NEVER, get on CP form your company computer. Keystroke programs, the company has installed on our computers, would pick it up instantly. Just be sure to post here on your own personal computer."

"Doesn't matter if you use your own computer. You are not allowed to post on here about AZ, about AZ people or indicate that you are from AZ. THis does not infringe on your rights as an American citizen you ignorant ass. You are an employee at will and as such you are subject to the conditions set by your leadership. They have decreed that this forum is not acceptable. Doesn't matter that I don't like it, it is now a condition of my employment. So if I sit around at the meeting and brag that it is my constitutional right to post from my computer about my asshole boss and my shitty bonus plan just be it known that the company also has the right to terminate your employment upon that admission. Check the law you idiots. Also, if you write stuff that is really nasty, they can get a court order and find your ass."

"Above, you are breaking company rules so don't preach to us you ignorant ass. Let me guess, DSM and female. Right?"

"You're the idiot. They don't record IP addresses here so it doesn't matter if they get a court order or not. There are no records and they can't find you if you use your own computer."

Source Cafe Pharma.

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