Thursday, March 27, 2008

Question Authority supports Barack Obama.

Yep. It's official. Question Authority is the third pharma blog supporting Barack Obama.

First one? Dr. Crippen, who started an Obama support blog.

Second one? PharmaGossip!

What changed our mind?

Same as PharmaGossip. Obama's historic speach.

And . . . the fact that Pfizer's CEO Kindler supports Clinton sure didn't help:

Plus Clinton's stupid lies about sniper fire combined with our distaste for political royalty firmly pushed us into Obama's corner. And the fact that Clinton thinks she can force people to buy health insurance didn't help.

What we like least about Obama?

He's a smoker.

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Lothar Schröder said...

I would also support him, if I were an American at not German.
I only hope that if he is elected he will not support big pharma in their attempt for immunity from liability claims. It worries me a little bit, that big pharma has changed horses and now donate more money to the democrats than to the republican candidates.

Last week I have created a blog to inform an open a discussion about my own case against Pfizer: in English and in German. It’s about ZOLOFT, Pfizer´s SSRI- antidepressants that can make you suicidal. Comments are welcome.
Peter, I hope you don’t mind me putting my link on you page. Thank you very much.