Monday, March 31, 2008

Quotes from Schering-Plough's CafePharma message board

It's Over!
OK, so the products that account for 70% of our profits just got hammered by the ACC this weekend.Now, we are supposed to get doctors to write those products? "If I put a patient on Zetia or Vytorin and they have a stroke or MI, I am done!" On top of that, every patient has seen the story as well. Get used to hearing "No way!".I think that the bashing that took place was more in response to the arrogance of Fred and Carrie and aggressive sales tactics, than concern that patients are being harmed.You saw it here first.

What do Schering and Spitzer have in common?
Both had high-priced whores who turned on them in the end. Almost every single key opinion leader panned Zetia and Vytorin when they were asked today. Veltri and Musliner came off as two wounded dogs screaming the wilderness. Today is a day that will go down in infamy fro Fred and Carrie.

Re: Perfect Storm
Hey maybe you can find a generic to put with one of your worthless compounds and rename it something else, sell it at a premium and hide for years the fact that it doesn't do shit. But wait. You already have tried that one.

Re: Perfect Storm
My only hope is that they offer an out to the SP reps. that want to leave while we still have some solid relationships with our docs.. Maybe we can take a voluntary separation, rebuild our reputations and get another job with a more credible company. I'll take the buyout tomorrow.

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