Monday, March 31, 2008

Schering-Plough: "The important thing is to continue to prescribe"

CNBC: "The drug makers are in damage control mode."

Huckman: "Shares of Schering-Plough are trading at a 12 year low, this I am told is the worst day ever, the worst day ever, the next worst day was black Monday for SGP back in October 1987 for SGP."

Deepak Khanna, Merck/Schering-Plough Pharmaceuticals general manager in CNBC interview today about the Zetia/Vytorin disaster, the 25% drop in SGP share price, and the Enhance study:

"We're very disappointed that we didn't have the appropriate scientific discussion or debate at ACC."

"Ultimately what is important is to put the study in context."

"Getting patients to their LDL goals is very important."

"What concerns me most is the confusion this causes."

"We're going to be very transparent and make sure all physicians have the appropriate information to understand how important LDL is."

"This was a small imaging study, and what it showed is we lower LDL more."

"The important thing is to continue to prescribe, to lower bad choleserol, to get to them to cholesterol goals . . . and put the study in context."

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Anonymous said...

Guess who paid the experts who lowered the "cholesterol goals" he is referring to in 2004?