Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Reply to Poll!

What do you want to read more about in this blog?
I'm a lawyer. Keep writing and I'll use every word at trial.
I want to read more stories about baby birds.
I want pharma and drug company stuff.
I want to know what happened to your cheating friend.
I don't reply to stupid polls.
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Rev. L. said...

Seriously though, Write about whatever you want. Your Big Pharma stuff ends up at HuffPo anyway.

Anonymous said...

I agree, write about what you want to. I've read most of the stuff here and enjoyed it all, no matter the topic. Keep up the good work.


Karen McL said...

Hmm where is the *All of the Above* button?

(but ya nevah answered about that Cheatin friend of yours...and yer part in this Miller's tale. *wink*)

So Enjoy...and write to please yourself.

the rest of us will follow.

Peter Rost said...