Friday, May 19, 2006

Bausch & Lomb Damage Control

Yesterday evening I watched the Bausch & Lomb CEO on his recent commercial or maybe I should say damage control appearance on television.

I thought that maybe he would warn all the people who still use the contact lens solution which has caused so many people to go blind. See my blog here on what happened. And maybe he would apologize to the people who lost their eyes, and maybe he would have big signs with "warning" symbols.

Boy was I disappointed. After a one sentence opening about the fact that Bausch had recalled the product, he spent the rest of his time strutting around and waving his arms like a chicken, trying to get customers to switch to Bausch's old lens solution. If you didn't know there was a big problem with his product you could almost have missed the whole point of his appearance.

I have to admit, after watching that video, I start to get the feeling that maybe it wasn't a coincidence that this CEO didn't take the product off global markets until three months after he recalled the lens solution in Singapore and Hong Kong.


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Karen McL said...

Guess I'm *lucky* i've had probelms with most of those solutions 20 yr ago and gave up those contact lenses.

Dont' regret it though...glasses suit me fine.