Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Andy Rooney of Pharma Bloggers

John Mack, who runs the excellent Pharma Marketing Blog also publishes Pharma Marketing News. This is a monthly e-newsletter with pretty unbiased presentation of facts, product reviews and coverage of the pharma industry.

In his most recent newsletter he did an interview with me about my blogging and all the strange phone calls I've been getting from recruiters who never have any job offers.

A quote from the interview:

The Andy Rooney of Pharma Bloggers

"What I try to do," Rost says, "is not just write a review about an article published in the press. I like to relate different things into the story. An example is the story about the drug industry falling off a cliff."

"Very often people are not shown the whole picture in the press. What I like to do is to take a number of bits of information and put them together to give people an overall perspective that they might not have received from the stories in the press."

In this sense Rost compares himself to Andy Rooney of the 60 Minutes news show--only better looking!

Download the newsletter and read all about this here, page 15-18.

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