Monday, May 22, 2006

Super Secret Secrets

As many of you know I filed a wrongful termination lawsuit after Pfizer fired me six months ago. Before trial the two parties are legally bound to exchange all documents relevant to the case. We have sent our documents to Pfizer, but we have not received anything back.

In fact, Pfizer appears to be in a state of panic about what we have asked for. We thought it was pretty simple, so we just requested documents and e-mails written by senior Pfizer managers with my name on them as well as material related to my termination and references to possible illegal acts.

Pfizer has now asked us to agree to a “protective order” before they turn over any documents.

They are so afraid that their secrets will get out that they want to designate some documents not just “confidential,” but “highly confidential,” and according to the proposed protective order those documents would only be accessible to the outside lawyers, and to Pfizer's lawyers. Not even I, as the plaintiff, would have access to them, nor would the individual defendants at Pfizer have access to those documents.

But there is one exception.

Jeff Kindler is not only a defendant but also Pfizer's General Counsel and head of Pfizer's legal department. The way the protective order is written he would be exempt and would have access to all documents, but his co-defendants at Pfizer would not.

Among the defendants kept in the dark would be Ms. Karen Katen who is also a Vice Chairman and in charge of the entire Pfizer Pharmaceutical business. She makes more money than Mr. Kindler, has more power, and has been with the company much longer.

Perhaps you might also be interested in knowing that Katen and Kindler are both competing for the job as CEO when Dr. McKinnell retires.

The last part is pretty interesting. Essentially, Pfizer’s legal department, led by Jeff Kindler, Vice Chairman of Pfizer, is saying that there are certain documents he doesn’t want to show to Karen Katen, Vice Chairman and President, Pfizer Human Health.

Hmmm, I wonder what Jeff Kindler doesn’t want Karen K to ? Is he playing  in their internal comp? Uh, I think the Pfi censo are gett into my com.

             .         .

  .

     .       .

                   .


Anonymous said...

One thing about blogging... There's a reason journalism--for all its failings--is still considered a profession, no matter how hard hobbyists try to coopt it. Dr. Rost, I like your blog a lot, but you are sometimes frustratingly vague about certain details. In this piece, you mention material related to "possible illegal acts". What *exactly* are you referring to here? Off-label-promotion? What?

You're such of information about the inner-workings of Big Pharma. It's maddening when you don't give the full picture, especially when it comes to details you have right at your fingertips...

Anonymous said...

I get it.

We are voyeurs.

This blog isn't for us, and then it could be, later.