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Steve Nissen loyals suddenly swamp FDA Commissioner online vote . . .

Over the last day the number of people voting have jumped from 300 to 400 . . . and the recent votes are coming in for Steve Nissen from the Cleveland Clinic which means that he now has the same number of votes as yours truly.

So go to Pharma Marketing and vote for your favorite candidate!

Here you can view latest survey results for who should be the new FDA Commissioner. Right now Nissen is head to head with Rost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is good to realize that Dr. Rost's supporters need only vote once, as we typically do in elections.

Stuffing the ballot box is common in Illinois and other states. Dr. Rost won't need that, because he has real people in real numbers behind him.

We, the people, are sick of the corruption and bribery that is the FDA. Time for a major change. Peter Rost is the only person that has offered such a declaration of change and personally stated it will not be business as usual.

I hope that helps with the decision our new president has to make. Time to talk with Tom Daschle about this matter as well.

Blogger John Mack said...

OK. One more day for Rost Blog readers to vote for their choice (do not use the inactive link in the post, use this link:

As Peter mentioned according to the results of an ongoing survey of consumers, healthcare professionals, government agency staffers, and drug industry executives, Steve Nissen AND Peter Rost are neck-and-neck in first place.

I invite everyone to take the survey and vote for your choice here:


Your response is anonymous unless you provide contact information for attribution. You can also write in your own choice.

Results of this survey will be published in the next issue of Pharma Marketing News.

Tell the drug industry who should be the next FDA Commish.

Vote for your choice here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Steve Nissen was "bold" in coming out against Avandia and his 60 minutes interview sacking Vioxx, etc. and everyone made him out to be a hero of some kind. Where was his "speaking out" on Bextra and Celebrex while he was bashing Vioxx and receiving grant funding from Pfizer? Is that really the kind of new and "independent" voice we need doing more of business as usual work at the FDA? Get real!

Doing things the same way but expecting a different result . . .



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