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Protect yourself from identity theft: Get a free security freeze or credit freeze!

Today I received another one of those letters from a financial institution warning me that "computer tapes containing some of your personal information were lost" bla bla bla. We all know Pfizer is great at losing this stuff, and so are many other companies.

This time I'd had enough.

And so I decided to stop worrying about credit card frauds and identity theft and all the trouble that goes with that.

I froze all my credit files and if anyone tries to open a credit card or anything else in my name they will get nothing. As an added bonus I will stop getting all those credit card offers in the mail.

In my state it is free to freeze your credit, and to make things even more wonderful, you can now do the whole process online. No letters, copies of drivers license and utilitity bills and so on. You simply need to have some of your financial info handy, so the computers can verify who you are. (Except for one of the big credit reporting companies, they required no verification of anything to freeze your credit, which was real reassuring.)

You need to input your info for all three credit companies below, just click on the links:

TransUnion online credit freeze application.

Equifax online credit freeze application.

Experian online credit freeze application.

I should not that in some states you have to pay a $10 fee, in many states this is free. Check here to find out what your situation is.

The only downside is you have to unfreeze your account to get new credit cards or mortgages, but most of us don't do that very often.

So don't wait.

Stop thiefs from accessing your credit file and steal your identity!

Just click on the links.


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