PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Just in: CNN Viewer Poll - 94% opposed to Wall Street bailout.

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Just in: CNN Viewer Poll - 94% opposed to Wall Street bailout.

Source: 8:04 PM 9/24/2008 on CNN.

This is certainly going to make things interesting. Clearly the American public hates the whole thing.

Makes you wonder . . . how long will it take for Obama to formally oppose the 700 billion bailout?

By the way, I just watched this poll on the news . . . haven't seen it up on the CNN website yet, but if someone finds it, please put in comment section.


Blogger PharmacistMike said...

Very interesting but I wonder how many of the respondents are Wall-Streeters that don't want government involvement and oversight?

Perhaps they would want to help and police themselves. Kind of like the drug companies tried to do with the PhRMA agreement in 2002. It is easier to do it yourself than get a fumbling congress involved.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can 94% of the people possibly have an informed opinion on this?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the poll on Lou Dobb's website. Scroll down on the column on the right to "Quick Vote". Note that "This is not a scientific pol", lmao...

Blogger dr. daye said...

if the poll was worded differently so that it doesn't indicate the plan is designed to assist rich wall street financiers then more people would have voted yes. how many would vote no on a plan that they understood was designed to prevent consumers and small businesses from being denied access to consumer credit/ capital.
the plan was not developed nor presented by its authors as a bailout but the media have jumped all over that description and that is what most citizens understand it to be... a bailout.
the media shouldn't "bail out" on it's responsibility to report the news accurately.

dr. daye


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