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Comments on name change from Question Authority to the Pharma Law Blog

Here are a couple of must reads, first Pharma Giles, who correctly points out that the "Question Authority" evening and (under) wear will soon become collectors items, to the Whistleblower Law blog, which likes the change.

This is what Pharma Giles--perfectly right on as always--writes:

Dr. Peter Rost is rebranding his infamous "Question Authority" blog, in keeping with a new-found seriousness (that I anticipate will last about a day or so). He is now calling it "The Pharma Law Blog," which sounds a bit stodgy to me, and nowhere near as frivolous as the trick of naming it after a famous car-bumper sticker campaign from the 70's.

Still, you're the marketing whiz, Pete, and I'd never question your authority on such matters...

""Question Authority" has been a great name. But I'm really focusing on pharma and illegal, scandalous, unethical or plain dumb conduct. And the work I'm doing, in addition to writing for some magazines and newspapers, is related to various law firms, expert reports, and serving as an expert witness," The Doc tells us.

Anything is better than bloody yodelling, I suppose...

But the name change is a huge commercial gamble for Dr. Rost. After all, he is throwing away the publicity for his hugely successful range of leisurewear that has been founded upon the "Question Authority" moniker.

These will undoubtedly soon have rarity value as a result of the rebranding of the blog, thus becoming an ever-more "must-have" fashion item.

So take my advice, and buy now while stocks last...

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