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Ooops, I just realized I've been helping Pfizer big time . . . !

In the wild, wild business jungle one beast's bad fortune often results in another predator's dinner.

And so, I just realized that I have not only been doing a lot of digging on Vytorin, but that the results of this digging has helped Pfizer and Lipitor in a major way.

But don't take my word for this, instead listen to DowJones, which just penned the headline "Amid Vytorin's Woes, Rival Cholesterol Drugs May See Boost."

Or listen to Mike Huckman over at CNBC who just wrote, "Vytorin Battle Pits Merck/Schering-Plough Vs Pfizer."

So exactly what did your humble writer do (in addition to yesterday's brief FOX news appearance on this topic)?

Here's the list of what I revealed or dug up before anyone else (just in case Pfizer is keeping score):

1. Suspicious Schering-Plough insider trading which resulted in a letter to Schering-Plough and Merck requesting documentation from Congressman Dingell and Stupak and another letter from Senator Grassley asking for an SEC investigation.

2. The existence of negative comments about the performance of the ENHANCE trial on CafePharma in March 2007, which resulted in another letter from Dingell and Stupak to CafePharma and Schering-Plough and Merck requsting more documents.

3. The fact that a Schering-Plough could have known a lot about the ENHANCE trial before unblinding, which resulted in yet another letter from Senator Grassley to the two drug companies requesting even more documents.

4. The Schering-Plugh "49-plan" in which they switched ad money from television to spending $3.5 million during 49 days schmoozing docs, which resulted in U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging Chairman Herb Kohl sending a letter to Schering-Plough Corporation to request documentation on the company’s so-called “49 Plan."

So has Pfizer admitted that they are really happy about all this?

They sure have!

Pfizer has taken out a BIG AD in the Newark Star-Ledger. The copy says:

"Now you know. There's an important difference between Vytorin, Zetia, and Lipitor. Unlike Vytorin and Zetia, Lipitor is FDA-approved to reduce the risk of heart attacks, strokes...."

So, Pfizer . . . how about at least a smile, and some coffee and fruit on the table, next time you drag me in to New York for another rendition-style interrogation, instead of scurrying off to a separate room during breaks to wine and dine in private?

After all, it is painfully obvious that my digging may have accidentally helped Lipitor sales . . . quite a bit.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a copy of the Star-ledger's entire ad anywhere? All of the links I seem to find only end with the elipses on Pfizer's claims. Do they go on to address any of the issues that CBS News and BusinessWeek in January slammed all the statins-- specifically Pfizer & Dr. Jarvick-- over on that 36% more effective asterisk in the Jarvick Lipitor ads.

If you can help me find a copy of that Star-Ledger article I would be very appreciative and most interested in reading the rest of it.


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