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The final nail in the coffin.

Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) and Nektar Therapeutics (NKTR.O) said on Wednesday clinical trials of the inhaled insulin Exubera found increased cases of lung cancer, leading Nektar to stop seeking a marketing partner for the troubled product and abandon it.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doc, any word on the outcome of the Nigeria/Pfizer case on the arrest warrants, etc. that Pfizer was getting all of those continuances on? I was following it on Brandweek and last I heard after the March 4th(?) continuance was that there was supposed to be new action on April 10th (today) . . . or, in Pfizer's "kick the can down the road" legal strategy, another continuance motion.

Just wondering the status and if there might be a chance that old Bill Steere and other Pfizer execs might actually get extradited to stand trial with the "local" executives already in jail and supposed to be awaiting trial in Nigeria . . .

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The April 10th date was actually continued to April 28th when extradition arguments will be heard as part of the other case preliminary arguments.

Pfizer exec gets bail in Nigeria trial over drug

KANO, Nigeria, March 4 (Reuters) - A Nigerian court granted bail on Tuesday to a former executive of the local arm of pharmaceuticals firm Pfizer (PFE.N: Quote, Profile, Research) in a protracted legal battle over a 1996 drug test that Nigeria says killed 11 children.

The government of northern Kano state has filed a lawsuit claiming $2 billion in damages and is pressing criminal charges against Pfizer over the testing of the antibiotic Trovan, which it says also left many children with permanent disabilities.

Pfizer denies all the charges. It says the children were killed or hurt by meningitis, which killed 12,000 children in six months that year.

Sam Ohuabunwa was one of three former executives of the Nigerian arm of Pfizer who were ordered arrested by a Kano High Court in December after they failed to appear for hearings.

Ohuabunwa was never actually detained, and was present in court on Tuesday when he was granted bail.

"I will simply comply with the normal procedure by granting him bail, which includes (guarantees of) 5 million naira ($42,700) and two sureties," said Judge Shehu Atiku.

The federal government has also filed separate civil and criminal lawsuits against Pfizer in the capital Abuja, claiming an additional $6.5 billion in damages.

The civil and criminal cases were launched by the state and federal governments in May 2007, but court hearings have remained stuck on technicalities, dragging on from one adjournment to the next. No substantive issue has been tackled.

Atiku had granted bail in January to another former member of Pfizer staff, Segun Dogunro, on health grounds.

On Tuesday, the court adjourned the case to April 28 when it would hear preliminary arguments, including a request for the extradition of three Americans involved in the clinical trial. (Reporting by Mike Oboh; Writing by Tume Ahemba; Editing by Caroline Drees)


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