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Pfizer Regional Sales Director Blooper . . .

Transcription of Voicemail #1: (meant to be only sent to management colleagues)

“Good morning management team, this is Xxxxx. First of all I want to thank you all for getting your Capabilities ratings for your representatives by this past Sunday, the 16th. What this has allowed is for me to, uh, see a performance differentiation worksheet based on Capability ratings by position. As you know, you were all asked to differentiate by performance with your representatives, ah, this year. And, um, what we’re looking for in the greater organization is the bell curve that, uh, gives us, uh, approximately a 20%, um, allocation of representatives that are at a, uh, high, performance category, that would be 3.6 and higher.

“Uh, the majority in that middle category, around, uh, 65 to 70%, and then the low category, below a 2.5 rating, ah, somewhere in the range of, uh, about 10% or so. Unfortunately, when I look at performance differentiation, we’re a little bit skewed here. We have 60% of our representatives, of our TSRs, are rated at 3.6 or higher. 35% of them are rated at a 2.6 or higher and only 5% are at a below expectations or lower, at 2.5 or lower.

“Obviously, when we all get together, in about a week and a half here, after the holidays, to talk about performance differentiation, our one-on-ones about each of your districts, ah, I’m going to be looking to many of you, ah, to reassign some ratings for your representatives. I’m not so concerned about the low side, the 2.5 or below, but we do ABSOLUTELY need to differentiate our true high performers from our middle performers. So I’m looking more to flip these averages around from high to low. So, please be prepared, and if you have any questions, please give me a call.

Transcript of Voicemail #2: (intentionally sent to all sales colleagues)

“Good afternoon this is >>>>>>> and this message is going out to the entire >>>>>region sales team. This morning I sent out a voicemail message that was intended for the district managers, but I inadvertently copied each and every one of you. I want to let you know that the contents of that message are OK for each and every one of you to listen to. Ah, frankly, it’s the end of the year, when we are all very involved with the year end assessments on the management team. And with those year end assessments, it is important that we differentiate the performance of each and every one of you in your individual territories. And we need to clearly differentiate our top performers from our middle performers. And our middle performers from our bottom performers. And that was the intent of that message. Your district managers and I will be having meetings the first week of January where we will be discussing each and every one of you based on a capability review and a sales review to ascertain how you are rated and differentiated and put into our performance management system for 2008 regarding your performance in 2007.
This is not unlike any process that we’ve gone through in the past 4 years that we’ve been with the Pfizer corporation. If any of you have any questions..."

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It is tough when people are better than what the consultants with the bell curve tells you they should be . . . so when reality doesn't fit the theory, adapt reality.


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