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Australian Medical Association calls for ban on circumcision in infant boys.

In a press release, Paul Mason, Children's Commissioner, says non-medical circumcision is a breach of human rights. And the AMA's President, Haydn Walters, says they would support a ban on the practice, except where there are medical or religious reasons. He says there is only rarely a medical need to carry out the procedure.

"There were quite a lot of folk myths around the advantages of circumcision. They've almost all been debunked," Prof Walters said.

"There are some minimal advantages in some circumstances, particularly in some infectious diseases, but they're overwhelmingly balanced by disadvantages in other areas," he added.

For those interested in un-circumcision, there are new tools, among them the TLC Tugger. (Warning, explicit images of foreskin regrowth.)

And, since this post is getting some serious traffic, no, I'm not trying to sell the "Tugger" and simply thought the whole thing was hilarious.

In fact, there are quite a few products in this growing area . . . is another one.

You tape whatever is left onto the steel thingy, then pull.

They sell their stainless steel contraption with the following words:

"When a man is circumcised, he loses the protection that is essential to protecting the nerves on the head of the penis. The surface of the glans penis is not skin but a thin mucus membrane. When exposed to constant friction and abrasion to clothing or the harshness of drying from the air, it loses sensitivity because the glans develops a layer of protective tissue to make up for the lack of foreskin."

"Restoring the foreskin will help you regain that lost sensitivity, making sex more enjoyable and making the experience highly sensual. Uncircumcised men enjoy more sensitivity at the head of the penis because their nerves are kept fresh and protected in a warm and moist environment. They also report having more comfortable erections because of the extra shaft skin that is built when the foreskin retracts."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm in my early 30s and was circumcised at such an early age, for no particular reason; my family isn't religious and I wasn't affected by any infection to my knowledge...

Quite Frankly, I can't be thankful enough to my folks for that! My girlfriends always mention how nice and clean my penis is, and how beautiful it looks. I have an amazing sex life, well above the average.

Enough said. My kids will definitely get the chop as I want them to have as much fun as I do!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's their body. It should be their choice. I'm glad that you don't resent your parents for doing that to you, but there are many men that end up hating their parents for it. That is why there are so many foreskin-regrowth products.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm would not teaching them to clean themselves be a little more useful?

As a un-circumcised man I have never had anyone consider me unclean.

I have a darn good sex life myself.

Seems to me removing a part of your body that you and everyone else is born with to keep it clean is a little cutting your arm off to prevent turning side ways when you walk down crowed streets.

Anonymous Random Reddit Guy said...

Besides religious reasons and cleanliness (which is no longer an issue in developed countries where we bathe frequently) circumcision really became popular in the Victorian era where it was believed that men had a sort of "sexual economy", that is, you only had so much sperm that you could produce before it ran out at what ever age you happened to be. Circumcision was meant to be a way of keeping boys from masturbating so much so they wouldn't waste all their sperm while they we young. It probably was one of those self-predicting hypothesis's since, as we now know, men keep producing sperm until a particular age.

That said, I think it would be very progressive for nations to take on the attitude of having no infant circumcisions except for in extreme circumstances.

Blogger TLC Tugger said...

Sorry cut guys. Foreskin feels really good.


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