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Harvard Business Review wants me to review them . . .

And, who could resist such an invitation? After all, I do have a certain respect for HBR.

Harvard Business Review has apparently just published some new research about segmenting consumers in the health care industry. Consultants Caroline Calkins and John Sviokla surveyed 570 people about their attitudes toward staying healthy, their financial needs, and their financial confidence. Their research revealed four distinct types of health care consumer, each with different desires and needs that fall along personal health and wealth lines.

Getting an unfit and happy consumer—one who is overconfident about their health and distrustful of providers—to pay for a service requires a different approach than one who is healthy, wealthy, and wise—very health conscious and financially confident. Health/wealth segmentation helps providers, insurers and employers engage with customers much more effectively.

The article is free online here; I didn't dare copy any segements, because before I got to the actual article it said "All content that appears in HBR Online, whether text or graphics, is copyrighted by Harvard Business School Publishing and, beyond the limits above, may not be reproduced, published or distributed, in whole or part, online or offline, without the express written permission of Harvard Business School Publishing."


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We therefore allow you to excerpt up to 500 words of an article for your personal use. This excerpt may be posted in your or another's blog or site, provided that it is accompanied by a link to the page on which the original article appears.

Not so scary!

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Oops. Missed that.



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