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Just in: Georgian TV reporter shot by Russians on live TV


Anonymous whose bullet? said...

How do they know that was a Russian bullet shot by Russian shooter? In the chaos what is Georgia everyone is shooting everywhere. But the poor Russians can not do anything right, they are automatically to blame. I am watching Larry King live as I write and that Georgian prez is on. I don't know about you, but this guy is not normal the claims he makes are just plain nuts. He just claimed that the Russsians are launching their huge SS22 rockets on their cities and that they have overrun the whole country. There is something wrong with this guy for sure. Either he is so nuts to attack the Russian population in that disputed region thinking that USA would come to his aid with "their rockets" or he was given a green light by someone to test the Russians. Either way no "normal" prez of any half -normal country would do something like what he did and now he is accusing Russians of aggression. Between Fri night, when Georgians attacked (Olympic opening) and Monday morning of Russian reaction he managed to destroy most of the capital city of Ossetia. Yet the media is showing those pictures and accusing the Russians of doing it against the Georgians. The media had lot of experience in doing this type of *&^%% during the tragedy of Yugoslavia, when they used to show funerals for Serbian victims of atrocities and claiming they were Muslim victims of Serbian atrocities. The mourners in the pictures were clearly carring orthodox crosses and the priest was clearly an orthodox priest with a large cross in his hand. Yet the funeral was used to make a point about the Serb's war crimes etc, etc.
So I would not bet my life it was a Russian bullet that hit that "lucky" girl (perhaps the claim that it was Russian comes from the fact that it was made in Russia or designed in Russia. They all fight with Russian type arms AK47s and others). Just watch how they turn her in some kind of celebrity.
Wars, what is it good for" Everything.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sufficiently cynical to consider the possibility that this conflict might alter the outcome of the upcoming US election - increasing the chances of a McCain win.

If that's true then the possibilty of the Bush administration helping to "manufacture" this conflict must also be considered.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I understand Georgia started this by killing 10 Russian peacemakers. Of course, we're not hearing about this much at all through the MSM. And of course the US wants to protect their oil interests (pipeline) in Georgia, so they're making Russia look like the "bad guys". A lot of disinfo all the way around...sigh.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon may be right. It is not out of the reality of present and worse admin's ever armamentarium to fabricate, trigger, manufacture, lie, invent, BS, pretend, "find", create, and you name it,lets all watch and see what happens. something that would help their cause and keep them in power. So let's all keep watching for what happens next.
On the "brighter" note, did you see the press conf. live fron Georgia? Ms Condi and this really wierd clown Shaakhilli something, going over the so called "pease with Russia" agreement. While Condi was her usual cold blooded calculating self, the other guy again went nuts. He called Russians anything and everything but direct descendants of Hitler's DNA. Who does he think he is? This guy sends his army into disputed area held by Russian peasekeeprs and locals, destroys their capital city and when he gets hit by his victims he cries faul and accuses his victims of attrocities that are nothing but response to his aggression. Then he calls his "mama" the USA to help him and if necessary trigger the Third War so his moronic persona and reputation would be saved. Interesting though some of it is working. The media and admin seem to lap it up and respond the way he wants them to, except for WWW III, for which the prez of "democratic" Georgia is very disapponited. He'd love for USA to teach the *76%$#@$%6 Russians a lesson they would never forget. Crazy? Yes but this is exactly what this Saahali guy is saying and what is worse the other-not-so-smart prez is listening.
Now if this whole thing WAS manufactured for some "good" reason, it becomes even crazier and harder to believe.
Let's hope that Russians have tick skin so the blabbering thrown at them does not stick and they do not respond in kind, on the ground. Many would.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

MSM as usually has taken stand AGAIST Russia, even tough they are one of us now, arn't they? Poor Russians can not do anything right to US admin liking. Perhaps this is the reason they drew the line in the grass of their vast steppe and will not let be pushed around any longer by anyone. Can you blame them? Here they are the biggest country in the world by territory, with all those resources that feed the energy needs of the whole Europe and beyond, just to mention few (without mentioning their fire power still scary) and they are bing pushed by little insignifican man from rural Texas, who would not know his proverbial you know what from the hole in the ground.
Just does not look or feel right and the new Russian "managemet" ain't going to take it any longer.
Yes falks this Russia is not your father's Russia, so get used to it and enjoy. They can only improve the world W will leave us as legacy.
By the way in this conflict they R completely in the right. Only today is the MSM admitting it was the nutty Georgian prez who ordered the first attack and managed to do lot of damage to the Ossetians including destruction of their capital city.
For anyone who followed this event, the nutty prez changed his tune today and was pleading with Russians to be reasonable for the future generations (orders from Texas one presumes). Too late, Russians would not even speak to him let alone take anything he says seriously.
As good old George Carlen used to say"Anyone in US (and Georgia) can become the president. Scary".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who Started Cold War II?

The west really has no right to complain:


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