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Georgian President Saakashvili eats his tie on public television.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not surprise. This guy is 110% wacko. Read comments at Georgian reporter's case post.
Those who watched him on different programs in the last week, can not but be sure this guy is a mental case for sure. The things he said, the way he said it and the way his facial expressions revealed his mental not only state but illness. Some of things he said: The Russians were the first to attack, and yet his forces got into the capital city of Ossetia and got beaten up badly leaving bodies of both sodiers (poor kids) and burned out millitary hardware. They got in there first and then the Russians showed them how to fight, Russian style. Then he said the Russians used "nuclear" plains, hit them with balistic missils, stole their soldiers uniforms and dressed up like his soldiers to steal things from people. The list goes on and on. Now the tie for dinner. When is it going to end for the media keeps giving him the forum to blab about his inventions and lies. Well today, he seem to change his tune. He was kind of begging the Russians to ressolve this in a positive way for future generations. Maybe he got the right instructions from Texas this time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saakashvili charged into S. Ossetia to provoke a war so the US and NATO would step in and fight it for him. Remember, he ran on the platform he would retake S. Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Well, I guess he expected us to retake it for him. Idiot.

We need to maintain a good relationship with Russia for more important reasons than anything Georgia has to offer.

Saakashvili is a hothead moron. Putin is a lot more dangerous and a lot more important to us. We need to quit tweaking Russia by playing Cuban Missile Crisis II in the former satellites, and solidify our cooperation with them regarding the middle east.

Georgia needs to STFU and sit down.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most likely we'll never know if he did it on his own (which proves he is totally nuts) or was give a "go ahead" in American (language) or he misunderstood the "promises" given to him, again in the same language.
What ever reason, it was interesting how the West denied it was him who triggered the Russian response by attacking first. Only after a week the likes of Ms Hard Candy (yes candy) started coming out with their versions of Georgian attack. To quote her "Regardless who started this the Russians must get out..." What she was saying "Georgians started this......" That was as far as she could stomach it to admitt her boy was to blame but he still was not guilty. Automatically the guilt belongs with Russia and always will. Well she et al better start rethinking their approach to Russia (as anon 2 is suggesting) for the new Russia ain't going to take it (the pushing around) any longer. Yes they are trying to do the Missil Crisis II, close to Russian borders and think the Russians will blink even before the confrontation begins.
Wrong. There are opinions that the new Russian "management" is so determined and tough that they would stand firm even in the face of nuclear confrontation telling us,"OK you want it, lets go. How are you going to explain that to your democracies after we on both sides are all gone and dead". This sounds scary but it is not impossible and just imagine what would our side do at that point. Someone would have to blink and listen to reason or else. Think about it. Is Georgia and other non-issues worth it for us to push the biggest country in the world for no good reason? They have never done ANYTHING to USA or any western country. And remeber they lost over 20.000.000 of their people defending themselves and indirectly western democracy. That is more than ALL others put together to the last victim. So Ms. Hard Candy should think twice whe she blatantly orders Russians to stop defending their own people while under fire from Georgians. How stupit and nasty is that?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And where is our humanitarian aid to the S. Ossetians? Georgia bombed the SHIT out of S. Ossetia.

Good relations with a strong and prosperous Russia will only benefit the US. We need to quit expecting a mirror society to our own and work WITH them on other issues. Russia is a great country.

The Georgian gave the world Stalin and some decent table wine. Okay - I don't think any US Soldiers need to give their lives for it. It is painfully obvious now why Georgia wants to join NATO so bad - hey free armies!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The hypocricy of current US adin. is boundless. Yes the politicians and politics are more or less hypocritical and cynical but this admin. has gone beyond anything ever seen, save during the tragedy of WWII. Any conflict they trrigered was based on lies and fabrications. That includes the poor small Serbia. They bombed it for 79 days to force them out of Kosovo where they went for the same reason the nut from Georgia did with his army. But here they support it and say it was the right thing to do or they did not say it was the wrong thing to do. That makes it OK, right Mr.Shrub?
They bombed Serbia for 79 days with hundreds of plains on daily basis. Russians did it in few days and did not destroy too much of the civilian structures, one railroad bridge and their millitary. US under the disguise of NATO used all the most advance weapons on basically defensless country, destoyed anything from hospitals, to food factories, power plants, bridges (with people on it) radio station with a child and mother in it because they did not like the "objections" they had against the bombing, and so on and so on. Also they bombed and destroyed 3 major bridges over the Danube river at a remote place from Belgrade called Novi Sad. That was done for no good reasons or need. Just to show them and to test the newest weapons. 13 European countries could not use the Danube river for over 10 years. It took the noble Swedish to clear the river and help with the bridges. Serbs told the NATO countires that wanted the river back, to go you know where, for it was them that did it and they should have cleared the river. No the US would not move finger and only the true nobel people the Swedes did it, Now you now why the Nobel prize is give out by Sweden not USA. Very few would accept it from them for they have no moral right to do such noble thing.
So as the man says, USA would not help S. Ossetians even though they were the true victims, directly or indiectly as result of US policy there.
Of course American boys must not be sent there to die for nothing except for the stupidity of the current admin. Also Russians ain't Iraqy or Panamians, they know how to defend their country. Remeber Germans and Napoleon? American boys would do no better, perhaps worse for the new Russia is far more ready then at that time.
As for the Serbian bombardment, Billy did one smart thing not to send his boys on the grounds of Serbia. The battle of Gettysburg would look as childs play compared what would wait for them on that sacred ground. So learn and stay away from those places that do nothing to you or concern you. Cappice.

Anonymous hypocricy rules said...

BBC world service reports: US Navy has delivered 56 tons of "aid" to Georgian people via the port not controlled by Russians. For that they used their famous (or infamous depends on which side you are) destroyer Cole. Now how hypocritic this is. They use a multi billion dollars destroyer that may or may not be armed with nuclear weapons, to deliver humanitarian aid? Who are they kidding? The Russians will only get more determined to dig in and consider this "delivery" for what it is a Trojan horse right in their waters. If they are smart they will send in their Black sea fleet to deliver a spare part for a little boy's bike that broke down the other day. And since the first part will be a wrong one, they may send in few of their nuclear subs to deliver the right part and 4 bike mechanics on the rest of 5 subs to make sure the part is fitted properly. Then US may deliver a needle for a little old lady who lost one during Russian defence of their people. They can use the famous (or infa..) sixth fleet to do that and if the needle does not do for her use, they can send 5 of their attack class nuclear subs with Polaris rockets ready to use for the deliver of similar needle to another lady in Moskow who also lost hers and US prez wants to be fair in his humanitarian aid so that needle will be attached to one of the Polaris rocket and........ you get the point by now, will the US administration?.
Ps; for those who don't see this as accelaration of the conflict with US initiative,remember the first "aid" US sent to Georgia was on strictly armed millitary transport planes. Not regular ones but military to "send the message". Now they are up to destroyer Cole. Let's see if the whole thing evolves as suggested above.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL awesome post - that would be funny.

I don't think Putin fucks around. Russia could have bombed Tbilisi back to the Mongols if he wanted to. They destroyed the Georgian army like 24 hours.

This whole thing was Saakashvili's attempt to portray Georgia as under Soviet invasion to rally the US and NATO to sweep them under their wings. Great - just what we need - a nutjob throwing stones at Russian in our name.

Anonymous hypocrisy rules said...

Firs correction, it was not the destroyer Cole, but Mc-someting. Also a destoyer of similar power for distruction, with "aid" for the "poor suffering" Georginas. What we maybe witnissing here is a new development in relations between these two camps (again opposite camps) and you heard it and seen it first right here on Peter Rost's blog. The COLD STANDOFF, not cold war or its return, but new type of situation Cold standoff (CS) that could easily spin off into the scarier version, the Hot Standoff and just with little help from any side into Hot Confrontation and conflict. Or it can evolve into the new version of Cold War that will be different but as dangerous if not more than the original one. At least till this prez and admin is out and providing we don't have 4 more years of the same or worse.
Today, US general said that by having the destroyer in Georgian port, this country will not be safer but will feel safer from Russian aggression. Funny isn't it? It was the nutty prez of Geor. that attacked and now they need to be "safe" from those they attacked. Besides, the Russians would never attack them first even now, but are there to look after the biz if necessary. Also can anyone tell us who did the Russians attack, invaded and destroyed the country, since the fall of CCCR? Nobody. Who did US...? well we know that. So who is more dangerous for the world peace? Again we know it. But now that we are in the waters and land very close to Russia, in a Cold Standoff are we or them that are asking and looking for trouble? Not a hard question to answer, either.
Here is another, final idea/theory to think about: What if this whole thing was fabricated by US admin? They give Georgia go ahead to attack for two reasons. Firt to test the Russians' response and second to humiliate them if they do not respond in which case the nutty Geor. prez would be a hero for taking the Russian populated Ossetia, over without the Russian intervention.
In either case US admin would win. So now that the Russians did the right thing by their people, US is there to do what they are doing and planned it and in the process triggered the Cold Standoff, which they wanted to do in the first place.
To prove that CS is a reality, today a Russian general already warned that presence of US millitary can only lead to increase in tenssion and worsened security. They know exactly what is going on and have no intention to back off.Delivering baby food on fully armed destroyer, what a laugh?
As already mentioned, the current Russian management ain't Yeltcin's Russia, under whose drunken regime US got away with almost everything. Does anyone balieve that what happened in that time would have happened today with Putin et al in charge? Not likely and the CS in Georgia is about to prove it.


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