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Goosebumps. Anyone?

OK, so I confess. I'm feeling a bit blue. Not like really blue, probably not at all as blue as Faith Hill is feeling right now; just a tad. And Faith Hill singing that song in my prior post, "Help me make it through the night," made me look for a couple of other versions.

Just because this is what I feel like right now.

So what if that one reader already claims he fell asleep in my prior post and wouldn't come back until next week. The fact that I wrote about the CMA awards and Carrie Underwood predictably already made this a record day for the Dr. Peter Rost blog as far as hits from new readers. But that doesn't make me feel any better. Well, perhaps a bit less lonely, I guess.

So here is Gladys Knight (1972) "Help Me Make It Through The Night." And if you don't get goosebumps I wouldn't want to spend the night with you . . .

And . . . please use headphones when you listen to this one!

If you want a guy to sing this song to you, perhaps you will appreciate this version by Sakis Rouvas . . .

Then again, if you're more rough and tumble, and don't mind the most awful dress and decor, maybe this Johnny Cash version is for you . . .


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I feel for you. Either you are distracted or maybe just medicated.

Peter, you should go to the National Conference on Media Reform in January in Memphis (the BBQ kicks ass!!!). I have a feeling that you think bleeding hearts like me are perhaps on our own meds and not living in the real (business) world. Go to a conference like this one and get energized, motivated and direct your skills and energy in a positive way (like you have been!) I also know for a fact that they have an 'indy' bookstore there where the alternative titles just fly off the shelf. Also you can sort of do your own side meetings /networking/ marketing.

I don't work for them, I am a natural convert. It is about public information and public media. Public health fits right in there.

Blogger Moogirl said...

Doc, Doc, Doc...when will you stop trying to please all the readers, all the time? Would you feel the same way if someone came into your house and criticized your wallpaper?

If you want to post about hillbilly music, do it. If you want to post about singing strippers, do that too.

Personally, I liked the post that put that other bonehead to sleep. The interviewer asked personal questions, questions about your feelings, and questions about your blog. He also asked about your motives, which I thought was pretty interesting.

Perhaps that other reader was A.D.D. and his attention span couldn’t handle anything that required more thought than a P. Cat Dolls video.

The fact is, you can’t be a stuffed shirt all the time. Sometimes you have to take off the suit, put your jeans on, and have a little fun!

If we don’t like the wallpaper in the kitchen, we just move on to the den. No need to redecorate the whole house...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, sorry Moogirl, I know you have a crush on the good doctor. But I am bored to tears as well. But, you are right in one aspect, if I do not like the "wallpapering" at a blogsite I move on as well. And this has been nothing BUT wallpapering.

The good doctor is aiming for a specific audience, namely young males. I am not one. So, I take a peak, and if there is nothing there, not even an effort today, eh, there is all sorts of good stuff elsewhere.

A little discussion on how the democrats should now move forward with respect to medical issues, especially since the Republicans have already announced a crash and burn scorched earth policy for the next two years on this, might make a worthwhile subject. But, I guess not. The good doctor is asleep, apparently.


Blogger Peter Rost said...

Actually, anon, no I'm not aiming for the "young males" . . . In fact, I'd love to have more female readers, so it always makes me happy when someone like Des shows up.

But none of that is guiding me.

I'm simply doing what I feel like in a particular week. So that's the reason there is sometimes a lot of politics and sometimes something else.

I know this is "wrong" and I wrote about that last week. You're supposed to stay on topic. But, interestingly, based on readership it seems to work.

I'm also still trying things out. I haven't decided what this blog is going to be like when it grows up.

So, that'll be a surprise to all of us!

Blogger Peter Rost said...

In fact, often I write a post or put in a music video so I can go back and listen later . . . my own public library, if you so wish . . .

Blogger Moogirl said...

Again Anon, you can't please all the people all the time.


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