Thursday, September 25, 2008

Breaking News: Senator Shelby leaving the White House, saying we have NO bailout agreement.

5:00 pm, 9/25/2008.

Senator Shelby just came out from a meeting in the White House with the president, the vice president and Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain. He stated emphatically, we have NO agreement on the bailout of Wall Street.

He also waved five pages to the reporters, and said these were five pages with messages from the countries most respected economists, from Yale, Harvard, etc., who'd told him the bailout was a bad thing. He said he'd "taken the liberty to share this at the White House meeting."

He also said both Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain were courteous at the meeting, but made no comment about their positions.

When asked about banking chief Dodd's announcement that there was an agreement, he shook his head and said there was not such thing.

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