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Who said this?

"Then there's Dr. Peter Rost, former industry marketing executive turned drug company critic. The guy is handsome, charming, a great self-promoter, but is he really FDA commissioner material?"

Find out here.

Seriously, that is the most charming dismissal I've received in a while and no less by two pretty blondes . . .

And while they are absolutely correct that I would be the first former-model-turned-FDA-commissioner I think that is the way it should be.

After all, the new US Surgeon General is probably going to be handsome neurosurgeon and CNN medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta.

The problem with Jeanne's and Sharron's preferred list is clearly a lack of consideration of public appeal. No one trusts government officials, we all know this, so at least they should be good looking and have charming accents so we can enjoy viewing them while they mess up, right?

I mean, who at the FDA has done anything right for the last ten years--and to make matters worse--they didn't even look good!!!

And why would we want more bearded academics that don't even know what cuff links go with what tie or has any idea of what tricks the drug industry has up their sleeves?

Seriously though, what we should consider, in addition to looks, is leadership.

And unfortunately few academics are interested in this. Their problem is that they're interested primarily in science. And the FDA has a leadership vacuum right now with Woodcock comparing herself to Gandhi and Steve Jobs in a recent presentation, to try to get some of the glare to reflect on her.

Truth is it takes one to know one. Another academic at the FDA would mean no change.

Someone who knows the drug industry from the inside, who has generated some of the best results ever seen within two corporations, demonstrated integrity and learned the art of management over a twenty year career . . . that is what the FDA could need right now.

The FDA needs Peter Rost.

Even if he is a self promoter.

After all, if I don't believe in me, who else would?


Anonymous Shannon Brownlee said...


Touche. We forgot to mention that you are also incredibly clever and smart!

All best,

Anonymous Scott said...

Well, having lived in Finland and Sweden for a while, I am very familiar with Swedish accents and what appeals most about it is that it is typically not very noticeable! While you may be right about an academic not wanting the job, and shameless self-promotion is the way things get done in the U.S., the real question that the media have failed to answer is which candidate will do the most to change the FDA?

Need anyone forget that Dr. Sidney Wolfe, Director of the Health Research Group of Public Citizen (an organization that was founded by Ralph Nader) was appointed to a four-year term on the FDA's Drug Safety and Risk Management Committee in August and he is, frankly, feared by the pharmaceutical industry!! Perhaps he should be considered as well (no offense to the present company).

Anonymous Jeanne Lenzer said...

After reading your blog, Peter, I’ve got to say, you are one funny guy. Sweet.


Blogger Douglas A. Willinger said...

What about a certain well-connected big pharm-food-cigarette law firm?


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