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Corporate jet programs goes into tailspin . . .

After all, why else would I be SPAMMED with a message like this one, offering me a cheapo $2,500 gift voucher on any flight greater than $15,000 . . .?

Kind of funny to be spammed by someone asking me to rent 25 hours of a GULFSTREAM IV for $299,500 plus tax!!!

To all my friends and valued fliers,

First off I would like to thank you for taking the time out to review this information. Our companies prices are highly competitive, we pride ourselves in providing some of the lowest rates on some of the most luxurious aircraft flying the skies today. Concord Private Jets is not your average jet charter broker. Moreover we are a first class fleet management company with exclusive access to only the finest and safest aircraft in the world. We do not hunt around for the cheapest available aircraft from a large charter pool of thousands of subpar aircraft in order to increase profit margins; like most traditional jet brokers do. Instead we are extremely selective in aligning ourselves with only the best aircraft flying the skies today and in turn bring that luxury and quality to you. Our philosophy is to provide you with a superior service on a quality product at a low margin. We in turn profit on large volume instead.


HAWKER 400XP $114,500 plus tax

HAWKER 1000 $159,500 plus tax

CITATION X $209,500 plus tax

GULFSTREAM IV $299,500 plus tax

CHALLENGER 600 $212,500 plus tax


As you can see our program is brought to you at incredible price points with absolutely no additional costs (no fuel surcharges, dead head charges, additional overnights, repositioning or taxi-time). An all-inclusive price that truly is all-inclusive. It’s that simple; it's what you deserve!

Not ready to purchase 25 hours on an aircraft? Try us before you buy us. The access that we have to premiere, company owned fleets allow us to specialize in on-demand or one-time charters as well. We will always provide the safest and most luxurious aircraft for your journey 24 hours a day / 365 days a year yet do so at a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere. As a matter of fact we will price guarantee any flight!! Send us a copy of your competitive quote and we will beat it no matter what!

We have aligned ourselves with the Travel Group, a representative of American Express, one of the biggest names in the travel industry today. Our Travel Group agents are available 24/7 and are committed to providing you with the maximum travel service. Whether you are looking for the finest five star hotel or a secluded villa hide-a-way, no request is beyond their reach. By joining forces, Concord Private Jets and American Express / Travel Group will help you to insure your flights and provide you with an option to cancel for business reasons and receive a full refund. The Travel Group can also help you with American Express Platinum or Centurion Card travel reservations and the conversion of American Express Membership Rewards Points for hotel and car reservations. A $150 Gift Cheque is offered for a first-time reservation of $4,000 or higher. For details on accommodations please contact Natalya Hansen at (646) 236-9379.

If you haven’t already flown with us, I invite you to sample our services with a $2,500 gift voucher on any flight greater than $15,000 and take advantage of our premier private aviation services (please use code:ALLYB2115 to redeem by February 28, 2009 .). We are here 24/7 to answer any questions that you may have.

With warm regards,

Frank Schiavone

Concord Private Jets, Inc.
401 Broadway
21st Floor
New York, NY 10013

Direct (646) 961-4457
Mobile (347) 551-3136
Fax (347) 402-0290


Anonymous special needs? said...

Ain't it precious and nice such glam service exist. We'll keep you in mind Franke.
ps: do you drop heavy packages with weights on them over open waters.

Blogger insider said...

1 in 6 private jets in the uk are for sale


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