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Dr. Rost is increasing lead in vote for FDA Commissioner . . .

I'm honored and greatful that my lead appears to have increased from around 24.2% to 28.6% in the online poll for who President Obama should choose as new FDA Commissioner.

What is even more noteworthy is the following message from John Mack, who is administering this survey:

"How's this for a surprise: When I look at US pharma respondents to my survey, you are the #1 choice: 21.7% of US pharma respondents voted for you compared to 17.4% who voted for Susan Wood, Robert Califf, and DAVID KESSLER (all tied for 2nd place)."

So even pharma employees hope for change at the FDA . . . and are voting for my candidacy.

If you haven't voted yet, go to Pharma Marketing and vote for your favorite candidate!

Here you can view latest survey results.


Blogger John Mack said...


Even more surprising is this:

When I look at respondents who say they are very or somewhat supportive of the drug industry, you share the lead with Steve Nissen (16.7% of the vote). But Steve Nissen beats you among respondents who are VERY supportive of the industry: 22,2% vs. 15.6%, respectively. Janet Woodcock also gets 15.6% of this group's votes.

Among respondents that claim to be unsupportive of the industry, you are -- of -- course king: 61.5% of these people voted for you!


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