PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Merck and Schering-Plough engaged in "a pattern of racketeering activity"

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Merck and Schering-Plough engaged in "a pattern of racketeering activity"

. . . according to a civil suit filed by Suffolk County, New York.

Here is page 25 of the complaint, click to read:

This has some major implications for those to companies. Maybe.

Full story at Schearlings got Plowed.


Anonymous Condor said...

Thanks for featuring mine -- I do think this ups the stakes -- to have even a county government alleging RICO pattern "indictable" acts. . . . this is the county in which the Hamptons are situate. . . .

So, I don't imagine Mr. Hassan (or his minions) will spend too many August weekends there -- service of a summons might be their personal "welcome-wagon" there!

Great stuff of late, Dr. Rost!

-- Condor

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Schering Plough seems to always be in the papers ...... next Schering Plough and Sloan Kettering for pushing Temador to Brain Tumor patients off label. Not only off label but not telling the family it was off label and was in Phase 2trials. Treatment by deception?

They lied to a family in New Jersey that if the husband did not take the drug he would be dead in 4years. Dr.Igor Gavrilovic put in court papers the wife was harming her husband. Dr. Igor threatened the wife if she did not bring her husband for the treatment he would have her arrested.

Igor Gavrilovic and his attorney Peter Korn told Donald Vanarelli that the wife was medically harming her husband and the tumor was malignant. The tumor is benign.

What is our country coming to. The Supreme Court ruled adults can refuse medical treatment but not according to the Mad Scientists in the Sloan Kettering 2008 Frankenstein Laboratory. Oh Dr. Lisa De Angelis stated Temador has no pre cautions easy breezy - that is why the government classifies it as bio harzardous waste. She told the family there are no pre cautions that have to be taken with the drug. She is forgetting to tell families that the Chemo can be absorbed by family members if they are exposed to the patient's urine etc.


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