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How long will America put up with their oligarchs?

Today Pfizer Inc's stock price hits rock bottom $17.55

Unbelievable. Or maybe not. Pfizer's stock is setting new records every day--rock bottom records not seen in over ten years.

When will it crash below $17? No one knows, but we're only fifty cents away!

So what about those humongous CEO pays over the last decade, did they deserve it?

Did they do something special, like Hanky boy McKinnell who took off with $200 mill in his knapsack. Did he deserve it?

Well, if he and the others did, they should have done something unique, that did set their companies apart.

Did they?

Nope, they all rode the same way up:

And now they're riding the same wave down.

Not one iota of difference between these companies, nothing the CEOs did that set any one of these companies apart.

Simply the mass efforts of thousands of hard-working scientists, sales reps and marketing people. And one guy who took the credit at each company.

So when the stock went up, all those self-important CEOs felt they deserved whatever they could lay their littly chubby hands on.

And now when their ships are going down, they still feel they deserve it, in order to keep themselves "motivated."

Capitalism has turned into a rigged shell-game, with the CEO the new self appointed aristocracy.
What did the French say?


Chop, chop.

Putin's Russia is looking better by the day. At least he's throwing some of the biggest oligarchs in jail.

How long will Americans put up with their oligarchs?


Anonymous hypocrisy rules said...

How long? How about, for ever. Your type of government and soci-economic system that is based on junk-yard-dogs eat other dogs is not designed to take such oligarchs down, even when they do things that are criminal. Very few get punished and when they do it is just to show that the system "works" Ha Ha. Putin would do much better job if US would not aobject to their oligarchs jailed and punished in general. Why? Because they are hailed as heros of the new Russia by US not Russian people. Russians know who these are. Criminals at highest level and lowest life form, who stole the resources and everything they could get their dirty hands on after the break up of CCCR. You just have to look at them and you now they are top criminals or just front men for the real power, the Russian mafia. Putin as everyone in Russia knows that and is trying to clean up their sociaty and recover the stolen stuff. However USA is the first to object this and accuse them of new dictatorship. You prefer anything over social-democracy that would bring true justice to people. US has spported the most evil regimes in the history save the Nazis because of their "final solution". Otherwise even them would be prefered over the social justice that socialists tried to bring to their people.
This is why your oligarchs will continue to rule and bleed your country and people. Maybe, just maybe if Obama gets in there could be a chance for real change if enough people support him.
It really is a shame that USA supposedly the most democratic country on Earth has such poor record of social justice. "You are poor, f&^%$ you, and you who is rich take more". That is the way it works for you. Do something to change it, vote Obama he is your last chance to join the human race in full.

Anonymous Ty Huls said...

Its a very serious matter to discuss that the stock prices are going down and down day by day. It may lead to deflation in economy because large number of people have invested money in stock market. So the government must take some appropriate steps to stop the fall in prices.


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