Monday, February 15, 2010

Canada and Sweden top donations to Haiti. U.S. way down on per capita basis.


1/2 generous said...

Most giving people: Scandinavians. These countries are the countries with higest living standards and higest socio-economic justice of any countries in the world. Canada is in first place, but only because Canadian government under the leadership of PM S.Harper a big fan of GW Bush, neo-con big time and who knows how to play the game in order to pander to those who can help him stay in power, announced they will match every dollar for dollar pledged by the population. So if you devide Canadian contribution in halfs, the Scand. people are really and truly most giving.That means that majority if not all are NOT GREEDY as the rest of western population especially in USA and Canada I am afraid and thus they can have such generous socio-economic justice in their countries. In USA and Canada this is not possible for there are at least 30% of neo-con thinking people who would not allow more justice then what they have nowdays.In fact Canada is getting worse and if Harper gets in with majority come next election time, Canada will be turned into USA light or worse.The progressive forces on left and in the centre are trying to unite these two fronts, otherwise the disasted will strike this once exemplary country in almost all aspects. Funny how one can see the nasty trend in such otherwise benign data. But you have to live here at this time to see it.

mike-the-knife said...

I did'nt like what you had to say, generous... but I can't agree with you more. I'd say still give a bit of kudos to Canada though. Half of that money on the chart is still a chunk of change. Not too bad for the apathetic west.