Saturday, October 06, 2007

Osama sends letter to Bush.

After numerous rounds of "We don't even know if Osama is still alive," Osama himself decided to send George W. Bush a letter in his own handwriting to let the President know he was still in the game.

Bush opened the letter and it appeared to contain a single line of coded message:


Bush was baffled, so he e-mailed it to Condi Rice. Condi and her aides had no clue either, so they sent it to the FBI.

No one could solve it at the FBI so it went to the CIA, then to the NSA.

With no clue as to its meaning they eventually asked Britain's MI-6 for help. Within a minute MI-6 called the White House with this reply, "Tell the President he's holding the message upside down."


Anonymous said...

All excited the prez turns the message right side up, which is right side down, and again nothing.
Sends it again to all the US sources.Every source Nothing. Finally smeone suggested to send it to the new KGB in the new Russia.
It comes back within minutes over top-secret e-mail: " Da, Da this text so funny. You Amerikancki boyc no have any knolage of humor. HE HO HE HO!".

Anonymous said...

The president did not like this. "Who the hell these @#$**&^ Ruskys think we is? Childrens? I know what to do. Get me Jerry Seinfeld's e-mail address."
Secret e-mail:
"Hi Jerry,
Please see this thing and let me know what you think. If you like it I may even give you as your new material.
ps: Call me on my cell.(secret cell No)"
Phone call on secret cell No:
"Hi Georgy boy. This thing IS really funny. I am surprised you did not get it".
Georgy boy:
"Well I got it, sort of, but what is your take on in?"
"Obviously these people just love you and that is what's so funny about it".
Georgy boy:
"But pleeeease tell me what it says, to you?"
"I can't Mr. President, I..."
Mr. President:
"Don't you worry Jerry, I am giving you presidential pardon. In advance. Just tell me".
"Here it goes; "Dear Georgy boy, we here in our cave, myself, my number one and number two, just love you and wish you is here with us. We just had Domino pizza with everything on it delivered and would love to give you nice cut for you.
Yours forever,
Georgy boy:
"That IS funny, thanks Jerry. You want it for yur material?"
"No thanks I write my own:.