PETER ROST: PHARMA MARKETING EXPERT WITNESS. AWP, MEDICAL DEVICE EXPERT.: Hollywood film director wants to do "The Whistleblower" television series.

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Hollywood film director wants to do "The Whistleblower" television series.

A film director with great credentials in Los Angeles recently signed on the dotted line to work on a television series based on my book "The Whistleblower."

Things are getting interesting.


Blogger insider said...

Great news - I've got some great plotlines, if you are interested!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hopefully this will happen. It will not only entertain people but also educate them on the evil/dark side of bigpharma and how much they in fact get away with. Just like Sopranos this will become a big hit, especially if the truth is shown of bigpharmafia family operations, structures and ability to take a perfectly "legal" activity and turn it into an illegal that brings in so much in extra sales than using legal only. This is an art form that only bigpharmafia can do it so well and get away with it in most cases. Yes they get caught and pay billions in fines. Yet they continue. Why? Simple. The use of illegal, criminal ways of doing their biz is so effective and profitable that they simply can not give it up. It's like a drug addict who can not give it up by himself. Needs help from us and maybe the series will educate enough people so they come forward and help eradicate this menace. The doc himself can play the leading role. He is good looking and can act for sure. In fact he does not have to act since he would do what he did during his agony with the worse of them.
Personally I think we are on the right track to make things right in this once great and respected industry.

Anonymous the condor said...

I always said the "truth would be far stranger. . ."




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