Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ebola: The plague and 1929 combined?

So I've changed my mind on Ebola. I think this virus has the potential to start spreading in EU / US and wreck both our society and economy. Every indication is that the actual numbers in Africa are wildly higher than officially reported ones. The number of cases double each month, on a logarithmic curve. The current inaction and political downplay is inexcusable. Once we have 100 cases, 10,000 will be in quarantine, people will stop going outside, going to work, and going to schools. Healthcare will be overwhelmed, staff quit, Wall Street will go into tail spin. Imagine the plague and 1929 crash at once. So far state and local agencies have been a mess handling just one case, both in US and Spain. Hundreds of thousands of bleeding heart idiots in Spain trying to save one dog risking untold deaths. US may have military muscle, but handling catastrophes at home they don't do well. Remember Katrina. Africa should be locked down and any travelers be put in quarantine for a month before entering EU or US. This is not about being nice to people it is about protecting billions more and let this run its course in affected areas. Those who want to help can do so, but not come back unless everyone at home is protected through proper quarantine procedures.

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