Friday, August 07, 2009

Propofol: The Michael Jackson killer drug?

Propofol is a high-risk drug that Michael Jackson was given before he died, according to sources close to his family, who also said the singer’s body showed signs of longtime drug use. The toxicology report concerning Mr. Jackson’s death has been delayed as investigations expand, all according to the New York Times.

Propofol is not a restricted drug, and apparently lots of doctors are abusing it to sleep, get euphoric and to feel sexual inhibition.

According to the package insert, propofol, marketed as Diprivan by AstraZenca, knocks you out in less than 40 seconds and keeps you down for about five minutes, and may cause "amorous behavior" (read sexual excitement). And yes, it can kill you, especially if you are stupid enough to use it at home.

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anesthesia said...

Take this description with a grain of salt. Propofol is actually the safest, and thus the most commonly used, anesthetic agent in operating rooms across the world. Its major problem is in the hypotension caused by injecting a large bolus.

Also: "lots of doctors" is a vague description, gives no sense of the size of the problem

Lastly: propofol has myriad uses based on the infusion dose, several of which don't actually knock you out.

-The problem with Michael Jackson is that he was given it inappropriately, by an unqualified doctor (cardiologist), with no airway management. Not the drug, but the method.