Friday, June 27, 2008

CBS News: Drug companies pay doctors $57 billions per year.

And Senator Grassley is investigating . . . he wants any payment to doctors above $500 to be available on a public web site.


Anonymous said...

Payments to doctors take numerous forms. Some completely legit but majority are not, 100% with some in the gray area of the law. No one is surprised that this takes place (everyone knows but proof is not so easily available for those who take the shady monies, don't talk) but the amount quated is staggering to say the least. If it is off I'd bet it is on conservative side of estimate.
It is done everywhere in every corner of the planet. Imagine what they do in third world countries when they do it so esily and obviously in countries like USA and Canada. Why Canada, I know that one for sure. I did it myself under the orders from my bosses. We become so "brave" that we used these payments as pure bribe (that is one of the common forms payments take, but no one calls them that) asking doctors to do something in return for the monies taken. One example: They called it DIF (Diovam investment fund) from which we offered up to 25K to those key docs who could generate new prescriptions for this ARB in the amounts of 3-5 times the monies taken. We had to ask the doctor to agree and make a firm promise. Yes they called it Investment Fund for the return was ROI for them. Today I am ashamed for doing it and apologise for it. Yes I did it under their orders but that is no excuse. Eventually I did say no to them and just left, for may days with the Co were numbered. Luckily this was not the real mob and I could walk away in one piece but the "operation" was as mob-like as it can be.
Hope your senator is successful, for somebody must stop this madness.
ps: the drug in question did become #1 ARB in the world. One wonders why?

Anonymous said...

Do you know if there is a way to record this onto a dvd or get a copy of this for someone without internet access?

Peter Rost said...

Yes, there is software on the web that enables you to record. Or, just take digital camera an film it from your screen . .

Anonymous said...

This makes me SICK!
As a semi-retired nurse, I used to hate seeing the phamaceutical reps bring in free pens when our little old frail patients couldn't even afford their medications!

Anonymous said...

PETER, I would like to know if you think if this is going on, that natural cures could really be more effective, but the small guy doesn't get paid to share it and can't afford the studies. Have you ever seen studies turned down because of this, but believed it was a product that really worked?